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U.S. Masters Swimming Membership

We perform better when we train with teammates and a coach! Trident's sanctioned U.S. Master’s program is for swimmers, over 18 years of age, of any level: fitness swimmers, competitive swimmers and triathletes. Workouts are professionally coached, and particular attention is paid to each athlete’s goals & abilities. Coaches will work with you on your stroke technique, endurance, aerobic and anaerobic strength. For triathletes, coaches will assist you in macro and micro season planning to help you rock your upcoming races! For those wanting to maximize their performance, Trident Aquatics Club can also customize a dryland strength and conditioning program for you in our purpose-built gym. This membership includes unlimited access to lap swims, open swims, and use of the gym (when not in use by another team). Based on 3 workouts per week, our Masters Membership works out to just $5 per swim. All participants in our Masters program are required to join and maintain a U.S. Master's registration. The member fee for U.S. Masters is $56/year. There are several benefits to being a U.S. Masters swimmer, including insurance. Our reception staff will assist you in registering.
Any adult, 18 and over, is encouraged to visit a swim practice. Masters swimmers are provided a locker at no charge. Swimmers will provide their own lock.

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